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•  indicates presence of hum on cables 
•  easy-to-use pass/fail operation
•  tests both audio and video cables
•  7 mV sensitivity
•  detects up to 60 V hum
•  F connectors with adapters for BNC & RCA
•  multimeter test points
•  battery check
•  detailed instructions
•  rigid carry case
Empire State Filter Co. introduces the Audio / Video Hum Tester, the easy-to-use instrument that gives you the convenience of a handheld with the sensitivity of a bench meter. 

Hum exists on the shield of a coax cable and presents itself as an audible buzz in audio systems or as rolling horizontal bars in video systems. Normal voltage differences between system grounding points can cause small AC currents to flow between system components. As little as 7mV hum can cause visible bars on a video monitor. Correctly selecting which cable in the system had hum was usually a trial and error process. First, all cables were disconnected one by one to find the affected cable or second, humbuckers were inserted throughout the system until the problem went away. The Audio / Video Hum Tester can now provide a simple pass/fail check to indicate the presence of hum on an audio or video cable. 

Operation is easy. Simply insert the Tester in a video or audio cable - adapters for BNC or RCA supplied. If hum is present in the cable, the indicator LED’s will light up. Adjustable sensitivity enables viewing of hum anywhere from 7mV to 60 V. Test points allow connection of a multimeter to measure hum.

Detailed instructions and a rigid carry case are included. 


Price : $ 125




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